Webinar Based Demos and Training

We are committed to providing you with the help and training you need to get the most out of Swiftlight project management software.

Thanks to Swiftlight’s easy-to-use design, many people can get going effectively either by themselves or after watching the free tutorial videos, but others may want a more formal introduction. For these people we run regular interactive webinars and we can also arrange in-depth training tailored to the needs of your organisation if required.

Swiftlight Demo Webinars – 45 minutes

The content and schedule of these webinars is currently under review. Please email support@torridonsolutions.com for more information.

Swiftlight Training

We offer in-person or web-based training that can be tailored to the needs of your organisation. Please contact us for further information at training@torridonsolutions.com to discuss your requirements.

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