Swiftlight Project Management Software – The Benefits

Why You Will Love Swiftlight
Create presentation-ready timelines in minutes Visualise and communicate the “big picture” Focus on the fundamentals Engage more effectively Get going quickly
With an intuitive interface, WYSIWYG¹ design and one-click export to MS PowerPoint, using Swiftlight is easy and fast – saving you time. With bold visuals and 8 different views, Swiftlight lets you separate the “big picture” from the detail – creating clarity for you and for others. With a focus on objectives, deliverables and measures of success, as well as a “to-do” list, Swiftlight gives you the fundamentals to get things done. With clearer, easy to communicate plans, Swiftlight can improve team and management buy-in – providing you with clarity that leads to better results. Outstanding ease of use allows many people to use Swiftlight effectively with no training² … it’s that easy.
¹ WYSIWYG: what you see is what you get
² Watching the overview video and other free tutorials is enough for many people to get going and be effective with Swiftlight

Save Time …

Swiftlight users can save significant amounts of time when creating plans, updating them or using them to communicate progress. Based on user surveys, Swiftlight is three times faster than users’ existing tools – saving hours of precious time.

Time Spent Creating a Plan, Other Tools vs Swiftlight

Swiftlight Project Management Software Save Time
Source: Swiftlight User Surveys

Create Clarity and Engagement…

Swiftlight‘s unique design helps you to develop, communicate and manage your plan with greater clarity, and engage with stakeholders more effectively:

  • A more holistic view of your plan. In addition to providing a clear timeline of activities, Swiftlight allows you to articulate objectives, deliverables and measures of success;
  • Outputs designed to suit different audiences. With bold visuals and a structure that can provide both “big picture” and more detailed perspectives on your plan, Swiftlight provides outputs that you can tailor to your audience;
  • Professional, meeting-ready outputs that senior managers will love. Whether for board meeting, a client proposal or just with the team, Swiftlight‘s outputs look very professional and are easy to understand, helping you to communicate and engage more effectively.
  • Outputs that are configurable to your match your brand standards. Customise colours, fonts, key terminology and even add a custom logo to get outputs just the way you want them

Get Results …

Through saving you time and giving you clearer plans that are easy to communicate, Swiftlight helps you to stay on top of things, facilitates team buy-in, and improves management oversight – helping you to achieve better results and look good in the process!

 Overall Swiftlight provides fantastic value … and payback in 3 months in time savings alone
 1) More efficient and effective project management; Swiftlight Project Management Software Payback Only Three Months
 2) At a lower price than Microsoft Project¹;
 3) With a low (if not zero) training requirement².
¹ Compared with single user licence RRP in USD, GBP and Euro
² Watching the overview video and using the free tutorials is enough for many people to get going effectively with Swiftlight

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