In Product Help

The “In Product Help” is a valuable training resource in itself. The context specific help can be accessed by pressing F1 at any time when using Swiftlight. There is a section for every dialogue and the functionality of every view.

Example Files

So that you can see some examples of how you can use Swiftlight with your projects we have provided a link to a few example files. We hope you will find these useful:

Swiftlight Example Files


There are a number of training documents that you may find useful that you can download from this page:

Document Description
Swiftlight Overview The Swiftlight Overview document is a 2 page description of the features and benefits of Swiftlight designed to introduce a potential user to the product.
Getting Started Guide This document provides an introduction to the user interface and describes how to create your first plan in Swiftlight. The key points are also covered in Getting Started webpages.
Tips and Shortcuts Quick Reference Using the tips and shortcuts in this quick reference guide will help you to become a more efficient user of Swiftlight.