Support Overview

Swiftlight Project Management Software Support Centre

Welcome to the Swiftlight Support Centre.

Our goal is to ensure that you and your business get the maximum value from the products that you have purchased or that you are trialling. From free and online support to paid phone support or Support and Maintenance Plans, we strive to do everything we can to give you the service you need.

You will find below links to various support resources, and an overview of the support you can expect from us.

Support Resources – Online

We provide a number of free online resources to help you get the most out of Swiftlight and answer your support queries. Using these resources will often be the quickest way get the answers to your questions.

Support Resources – Email and Phone

Support and Maintenance Plan

A support plan is often an appropriate choice for customers who want to ensure that users have speedy access to help, upgrades to the latest versions of Swiftlight and other benefits. A support and maintenance plan must be purchased at the time of initial product purchase and entitles the holder to the following:

  • Free prioritised support calls; †
  • Free upgrades to new versions of Swiftlight during the support period. This is the most economical way to stay current on product releases. Note: patches / fixes for the same version of Swiftlight are free for all users;
  • Assistance with large scale deployments of Swiftlight ‡;
  • A dedicated support contact. ‡

The price of a Support and Maintenance Plan is 20% of the initial purchase price per annum. §

No Support and Maintenance Plan Support and Maintenance Plan
Free online support resources Swiftlight Tick Swiftlight Tick
Free support for installation and getting going¹ Swiftlight Tick Swiftlight Tick
Free patches / fixes for same product version Swiftlight Tick Swiftlight Tick
Free upgrade to new product version Swiftlight Cross Swiftlight Tick
Free email and phone support incidents² † Swiftlight Cross Swiftlight Tick
Free assistance with large scale deployments² ‡ Swiftlight Cross Swiftlight Tick
Dedicated support contact ‡ Swiftlight Cross Swiftlight Tick
¹ Within 30 days of purchase or trial registration
² Within office hours – see support contacts for details
Free Support for Installation and Getting Going with Swiftlight

We want to ensure that after purchase or after download of a free trial, you start using our software as quickly and productively as possible.  In addition to access to the on-line support resources, you are entitled to free assisted support in connection with installation and other “getting going” issues for 30 days from product purchase or from registering for the download of a free trial.

Free Error Reporting

Swiftlight contains an automatic error reporting feature which a) creates an auto-save file so that you do not lose valuable work, and b) captures information about the error so that we can better understand what’s gone wrong and then work to fix the problem. If you are unlucky enough to encounter a problem, please use the error report dialogue to provide some details and then send us the error report. We really appreciate your feedback.

Note: errors are rare and generally not serious. After sending the error message you should be able to continue with your work in Swiftlight, though we would recommend saving your file as a precaution.  If Swiftlight closes down unexpectedly with an error, when you re-open Swiftlight you should be prompted to open an auto-save file which will allow you to recover your work. Save this auto-save file with a new name and continue working.

Incident Based Support

Outside of the 30 day free support period, incident based support is available. The cost of this support is $45, £25 or €33 per contact / incident. *

Support Contacts
North America: +1 646 810 8756 Hours: 09:00 to 17:00 ET
UK and Rest of World: +44 20 30 515 303 Hours: 09:00 to 17:00 UK

Response time: if we cannot answer your support request immediately, a support specialist will contact you as soon as possible but usually within 2 working hours.

* Prices exclude any applicable taxes (e.g. sales tax, VAT, custom charges).
† Limited to one support incident per user licence per year.
‡ For volume licences with more than 25 users (or fewer at Torridon Solutions discretion).
§ Torridon Solutions reserves the right to change the price of Support and Maintenance Plan renewals (including but not limited to increases for inflation).