Swiftlight Project Management Software Feedback

We love to hear from our customers. Our job is to make great products, and we need your feedback to help us.

Automatic Error Reporting

Swiftlight contains an automatic error reporting feature which a) creates an auto-save file so that you do not lose valuable work, and b) captures information about the error so that we can better understand what’s gone wrong and then work to fix the problem. If you are unlucky enough to encounter a problem, please use the error report dialogue to provide some details and then send us the error report.

Note: errors are rare and generally not serious. After sending the error message you should be able to continue with your work in Swiftlight, though we would recommend saving your file as a precaution. If Swiftlight closes down unexpectedly with an error, when you re-open Swiftlight you should be prompted to open an auto-save file which will allow you to recover your work. Save this auto-save file with a new name and continue working.

Other Feedback and Suggestions

If you find something you love, something you hate, or if you have an improvement idea – please let us know so that we can continue to work to improve Swiftlight, our website, and other aspects of our business.

Please send us your feedback by email at feedback@torridonsolutions.com or alternatively you can contact us by phone during office hours. For our contact details, click here.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.