“A trusted colleague once gave me the perfect quality metric for software: “First, throw the manual away. Then, if the software doesn’t work, throw the software away.“ Swiftlight exceeds this metric by a substantial margin.“

David Hughes, UMT Consulting Group

“Swiftlight is project management software that is simple to use, without being simplistic”

Alain Goulet, Senior Director of Global Marketing, Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals

“a useful PM communication and reporting tool … aimed at general business use … for managing small and simple projects”

PMToday magazine, July / August 2010 edition

“As a consultant and as a COO, I have always looked for tools that give a snapshot view of what is happening in the organization. Swiftlight provides that one-page view of deliverables, milestones and events that link to the organization’s objectives. I have been using this tool and introducing it to others because I believe it adds value to the business.”

Dr. Margery Mayer, COO Envision Media

“We have real evidence here of better client engagement with Swiftlight plans (vs those we used previously).”

Neil Strange, Director, Business Thinking

“I love the visual timeline construction and display. It allows me to produce Executive Committee – ready communications … very quickly”

Stuart Lloyd-Hurwitz, Business Transformation Consultant

“Swiftlight was super easy to use … a welcome change (from other project management software)”

Bob Schwabach, Editor, OnComputers

“It is the best, no hassle, and quick solution I have ever seen. My team finds MS Project too complex, but Swiftlight is a great step up from Excel and PowerPoint which can be very time consuming”

Christine Renier, Business Development Director, Danone Group

“Swiftlight was easy to learn and I used it immediately on the same day I purchased it. This project management software helps me stay organized with all its many features for tracking, and the MS PowerPoint interface is impressive and seamless. My colleagues are also using the software to document project hours in anticipation of the PMI certification testing requirements. I think that’s a really clever way to use Swiftlight!”

Grace Dollemore, Contracts Manager, EMC Corporation, and M.S. Project Management Student, University of San Francisco

“The Swiftlight program has been easy to use for project management and by following the template, I can have a very professional looking presentation in a relatively short amount of time. Swiftlight has been vital in the day to day organization of my projects, but also incorporates high level presentation with ease”

Lori Sink, Consultant in the healthcare sector, Illinois, USA

“As Director of a school district IT department, I have found the Swiftlight software product makes complicated project management / planning tasks simple, and is a very user-friendly system. I have enjoyed using this product and would highly recommend it without reservation”

Ricardo Enz, IT Director, Santa Ana Unified School District, California, USA

“It is self-sufficient. I don’t need a parallel document in PowerPoint or in Excel … I have everything I need to communicate and check just there …”

Constance Baroudel, Group Director, UK FTSE 250 Company

“It is a brilliant communication tool, and helping me enormously”

Josephine, Project Manager, Wholesaler

“ … user-friendly, practical, helps promote best practice work planning …”

Strategy Director, Multinational Security Organization

“It’s fantastic. Very easy to communicate, see who has to do what, when across the 20 activities we have underway … making us look good”

Planning Manager, Printing Company

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