Project Management Software for the Non-Profit Sector

Swiftlight’s practical structure, clean graphics, and outstanding ease-of-use, make it a great fit for non-profits, associations, academic institutions and students. You get easy project planning, clear outputs that facilitate communication and with a minimal / no training requirement and no ongoing fees, Swiftlight is a simple, straightforward choice.

How Your Non-Profit / Academic Organisation Can Benefit

Making robust plans and good project management are vital for the success of many organisations and non-profits are no exception. Using a tool like Swiftlight can help you:

  • Develop clear action plans that help justify and increase grant funding;
  • Plan programs and initiatives more effectively;
  • Get stakeholders and team members on board through improved communication;
  • Focus team members on both the high level goals, and the specific actions needed to make things happen.

How does Swiftlight help? Swiftlight provides:

  • Clear timelines for visualizing and communicating your plans;

Example Swiftlight Timeline

Swiftlight Project Management Software Timeline Example

  • To-do list functionality, so you lay out who needs to do what, by when;
  • A focus on goals and deliverables and measures of success, not just on activities;
  • Good inter-operability with typical office software: one-click export to PowerPoint, export to Excel / CSV, links to / from MS Project, easy copy / paste to email, Word etc.
  • And more! (For details, take the product tour… easy project management software)

Overall, Swiftlight is a practical software tool that can help organisations and people to plan effectively, communicate clearly and save time in the process.


Designed for Non-Profits: Exceptional Ease-of-Use + Free Resources = Get Going Easily

Swiftlight is also exceptionally easy to use and learn, and most of our non-profit / academic customers get going effectively just by using our free tutorials (see links below to two of the videos):


Why not try Swiftlight out and see for yourself? Get a free 30 day trial

Non-Profit Pricing / Academic Discounts

Non-profit organisations, associations, educational establishments and full-time students can also benefit from our special non profit discounts / academic pricing, shown below:

Currency Price Per User
US Dollars $ $120.00 *
GBP £ £ 77.33 *
Euro € € 98.67 *
Notes: 1) These prices repesent ~47% discount off the full price. 2) Swiftlight can also be purchased with an annual Support and Maintenance Plan, which costs 20% of the price of the licence, per year. For more details, click here.
In order to obtain the above pricing, please email the sales team with verification of your non-profit / academic status. Suitable verification includes: a valid 501c3 tax exemption certificate / registered charity number; .org email address; copy of faculty ID card; link to school faculty web-page; letter of employment on school letter head; current school year student ID; students registration receipt for current semester. If in doubt about what to send, contact the sales team.

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