Swiftlight Toolkit for Consultants

The Swiftlight toolkit for consultants is a free package of materials designed to help consultants get the most out of Swiftlight. The toolkit comprises the following items, all of which can be accessed from this page:

  • Toolkit Overview Video: highlighting Seven Practical Uses of Swiftlight;
  • Toolkit Document: 55 pages of advice and examples on the “Seven Uses of Swiftlight” and other tips;
  • Example files: Swiftlight files that you can download and look at for ideas, or use and adapt rather than creating files from scratch.

Toolkit Overview Video

This video highlights seven practical uses of Swiftlight, and also talks about the benefits that Swiftlight can deliver to consultants and consulting firms. The seven uses are:

  1. Fast creation of high quality timelines (and other outputs) for proposals / meetings;
  2. Real-time creation of project plans in client meetings, helping drive client engagement;
  3. Use in a program office, for developing high level perspectives on a portfolio of initiatives;
  4. In-depth project management of an active engagement;
  5. Structured planning for junior team members;
  6. Leveraging the links between Swiftlight and MS Project;
  7. Partner perspective: overseeing multiple projects.

The Swiftlight Toolkit Document

This PDF document is the main element of the toolkit, providing a brief introduction to Swiftlight’s functionality and then going into detail on the seven uses of Swiftlight with examples, tips and more. It’s a great resource and will give you a lot of ideas about where and when to use Swiftlight effectively.

Just click on this link to get the Swiftlight Toolkit for Consultants Document

Swiftlight Example Files

These examples files are the ones used in the toolkit document and video. We hope that they will provide you with ideas and project / timeline templates to use as starting points and help you build more effective plans. To download these files, just click here.

In the download, you will get a zip file with the following Swiftlight files (click on each link below to see a snapshot of the timeline in each file):


(Note: see page 55 of the toolkit PDF document for information on which uses of Swiftlight these example files will best illustrate).