SwiftLight Overview

Swiftlight offers a unique blend of a practical planning structure, high-quality “PowerPoint-like” graphics, and outstanding ease of use. Easier, less detailed and cheaper than Microsoft Project, and faster and more structured than using Excel or PowerPoint for planning, Swiftlight helps you to get organised, communicate clearly and save time in the process.

See the “Big Picture” in Swiftlight’s Timeline View

Our customers love Swiftlight’s visually appealing and flexible Timeline View since it helps them easily develop and communicate great-looking, high level plans, as illustrated in the example below:

An Example Timeline Output from Swiftlight

Don’t Get Lost in the Detail!

Swiftlight provides 8 different “views” on your project, allowing you to plan at a high level (e.g. focusing on project objectives and the timeline) and also to plan at a more detailed level (e.g. creating to-do lists by activity), when you need. You can choose to use one, some or all of these views as suits the needs of your project and your working style.

To find out more about all of Swiftlight’s views, please take the product tour.

Exceptional Ease of Use = Get Going Quickly + No Training Requirement

The first thing our customers talk about is ease of use. With Swiftlight’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface and simple navigation, getting going is incredibly easy. Combine this with our free “3 minute” video tutorials and other support resources, and you’ll find there is no need for in-depth training. To see for yourself, why not get a free 30 day trial?

Other Key Features
  • One click export of outputs directly to MS PowerPoint or PDF;
  • Customisable colours, fonts, terminology, logos and more, allowing you to
  • Links to / from MS Project: find out more

Is Swiftlight For You?

Swiftlight is designed to meet the needs of “general managers” (e.g. marketing or brand managers, senior executives, operations or planning managers, management consultants etc), as well as specialist project managers. In terms of project type, Swiftlight is particularly well suited to smaller, simpler “management” projects, rather than large IT / engineering projects, as illustrated in the graphic below:

Where does Swiftlight fit in the Project Pyramid?

  • “Selected fit” for Swiftlight = valuable utility as a high level planning and communication / reporting tool alongside other project management software;
  • “Strong fit” for Swiftlight = as a core planning and communication / reporting tool (instead of Excel / PowerPoint, MS Project).