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Torridon Announces Release of Version 1.3 of Swiftlight Project Management Software: New Options to Display Project Progress and Enhance Swiftlight’s Communication Capabilities; Updated Links Between Swiftlight and MS Project Released to All Customers
Video Highlighting New Functionality

Torridon Wins New Business with US Government Agency.

Updated Project Charter Templates Made Available: Examples in Excel, Word, Swiftlight
Project Charter Templates

New version of functionality linking Swiftlight and MS Project released to selected customers for testing. 

Torridon Provides Examples of Use of Swiftlight As A Management Roadmap 
See example

Other Coverage

Enterprise Features speaks to Torridon CEO, Pete McWhinnie about how Swiftlight makes project management and presentation easy

PCWorld, industry-leading reviewer, says of Swiftlight: “Creating and tracking a project is exceptionally easy, because the interface is simple and clean … you don’t need to be an experienced project manager to use it” 
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PMToday magazine reviews Swiftlight as “a useful PM communication and reporting tool … aimed at the general business user … for managing small and simple projects”
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Swiftlight described as “Super easy to use … and a welcome change” in respected “OnComputers” newspaper column
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GoodCleanTech: The Independent Guide to Ecotechnology
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Overview Video: See How You Can Create a Presentation-Ready Timeline in Three Minutes

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