Issue Log

Issue Log


The Issue log provides a place for tracking and dealing with issues that may arise on your project. It allows you to describe the issue, its potential impact and the actions you plan to take to deal with them.


Add new Issue

You can add a new Issue to the list in one of the ways below:

  • Drag and drop the Issue icon from the toolbox on to the table;
  • Insert > Issue from the menu structure;
  • Left-click in the white space below the last Issue; OR
  • Right-click > Insert > Issue;

It is best practice to give the Issue a short name, but to add more detail to the Issue Description field. Here are some suggestions for what to consider when describing the Issue:

  • What the Issue is;
  • What are the underlying causes of the Issue;
  • What is the impact of the Issue;
  • When will the impact of the Issue be felt


Add a new Issue Management Action

Issue Management Actions are Actions associated with a particular Issue that help to solve that Issue or mitigate its effects. Issue Management Actions have similar detail to other Actions (Name, Responsible, Due Date, Status and Performance). Each new Issue automatically gets one new Issue Management Action but you can add additional Actions by:

  • Drag and drop the Action icon from the toolbox on to the table;
  • Right-click > Insert > Action; OR
  • Tab from last Action in the table


Edit detail

Details for an Issue or its associated Actions can be changed by typing directly in the appropriate row in the table.


Format table

The font type, font style and font size and date formats for the Issue Log table can be changed using the Page Body format dialogue. In addition, Issue Raised and Issue Description columns can be removed if required.


Ordering the Issue Log

The order of the Issues in the Issue Log can be arranged as you would like by using the sorting functions (via the Page Layout Menu) or by moving individual rows using the Move Item functions (again see the Page Layout Menu for more details). Unfortunately the Issue Management Actions cannot be ordered.