Contact List

Contact List


The Contacts List view allows you to keep all the contact details for every one involved with your project in one place.


Add new Contact

You can add Contacts to the list in one of the ways below:

  • Drag and drop the Contacts icon from the toolbox on to the table;
  • Insert > Contact from the menu structure;
  • Left-click in the white space below the last Contact;
  • Right-click > Add Contact;
  • Tab from last contact in table; OR
  • By typing a new name in the responsible column in another view


Import a Contact

You can import a contact into your file in two ways:

  • File > Import … From vCard
  • File > Import … From Windows Address book


More detail

More details for a Contact can be seen by double-clicking on a row in the table to bring up the Contact Details dialogue (see below) or changing the displayed columns using the Page Body format dialogue.


Edit detail

Details for a Contact can be changed by typing directly in the appropriate row in the table or editing the text in the Contact Detail dialogue.


Format table

The font type, font style and font size for the Contacts List table can be changed using the Page Body format dialogue.


Ordering the Contact List

The order of the Contacts in the Contact List can be arranged as you would like, by using the sorting functions (via the Page Layout Menu) or by moving individual rows using the Move Item functions (again see the Page Layout Menu for more details).


Deleting a Contact

Before a Contact can be deleted, the responsibilities for that Contact must be assigned to another person. Thus there must always be at least once Contact in the Contact List.