Activity Group Detail

Activity Group Detail


The Activity Group Detail view allows you to drill into the detail behind each of the Activity Groups in you project. You can navigate between different Activity Groups using either the “Go To �” dropdown or using the “Next” or “Prev” buttons.


There are three sections in the Activity Group Detail view:

Activity Group Detail Header Section

The header section allows you to detail what you are trying to achieve within the Activity Group and any specific challenges that you might meet whilst tackling these objectives.

You can add text in any, all, or none of the following sections:

  • Objectives;
  • Key Questions;
  • Deliverables;
  • Success Metrics;
  • Budget;
  • Comments

Budget and Comments are not on by default – they can be selected using the Page Body format dialogue

The height of the header section can be adjusted by dragging the dividing line between the header section and the rest of the page up and down.


Add Bullets

To add text just click in the required section and hit return to add a new bullet


Re-order Bullets

Bullets can be moved up and down using the sorting toolbar arrows or from the Page Layout menu (Shortcuts are also available)


Format Bullets

Each of the bullets can be formatted using the formatting toolbar or the Format Bullet Text dialogue to change:

  • Font type
  • Font style (bold, italics, underline)
  • Font colour
  • Indent level of the bullet


Progress Balls

Progress against each of the bullets can be indicated by switching on the Progress Balls and clicking on each ball to cycle through the 5 states from empty to full. Progress balls are not on by default – they can be selected using the Page Body format dialogue


Activity Group Detail Timeline Section

Activity Group Event Table Section