Getting familiar with each view

Getting Familiar with Each View


Objectives and Scope


This view provides a series of pages in which to display information related to the project�s scope. Seven categories of information can be displayed:

  • Objectives;
  • Key Questions (i.e. questions or issues the project needs to address);
  • Deliverables;
  • Success Metrics;
  • Budget;
  • Scope In / Scope Out;
  • Comments

The content you create can be viewed either with a summary page displaying 2-3 categories of information and 4-5 pages covering one category each, or over 7 pages with each category having a page of its own.

The main bullet points in each category of information (except Scope In/Scope Out) can be seen in the page header section of other views if desired. (Note: indented sub-bullet points cannot be seen in the page header section of other views, as the page header is designed for the display of high level information only).


When to use this view

  • For your own thinking about what needs to get done
  • For project scope / charter documents
  • In meetings to discuss or review project scope or progress
  • For communication with the project team, with senior management, stakeholders etc



Below is an example summary page showing the following categories of information: Objectives, Deliverables and Success Metrics:

Note: you can select which two or three categories of information to show in the summary page through using the Page Body Format dialogue

Example page showing a single category of information in this case Key Questions (i.e. to list the key questions or issues that the project needs to address).

Click here for more information about the Objectives and Scope view.



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