Interface Overview

Swiftlight Overview



Swiftlight offers a broad and powerful set of project management tools in a simple, very easy to use way. Swiftlight provides eight "views", each of which provide you with a different perspective on your project and give you outputs and functionality to help you drive it from initiation right through to completion (see Using Swiftlight in Project Management).

The 8 views are:

  • Objectives and Scope
  • Timeline
  • Activity Group Summary
  • Activity Group Detail
  • Action List
  • Action List over Time
  • Contact List
  • Issue Log

In addition to these views, Swiftlight’s functionality includes: export to PowerPoint / PDF / GIF files; export to Excel (CSV), status reporting; easy copy and paste of text or tables to Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint et al, and the ability to export reminders to Microsoft Outlook.

The eight different views in Swiftlight are related in a simple but effective way, with some views providing "high level" or "big picture" perspectives on the project, and other views providing more "lower level detail", as illustrated below (see Overview of Swiftlight – Getting Familiar with each View for a more detailed explanation of each view).


The information in each of these views is inter-related so that whenever you update information in one place, it carries through to all the other views. For example:

  • Information in the Objectives and Scope view can also be viewed or created / edited in the page header section of the other views;
  • Meetings and Milestones in the Timeline view can also be viewed or created / edited in the Activity Group Detail, Action List and Action List over Time views (and vice versa).
  • The information in the Activity Group Summary is can also be viewed or created / edited in the Activity Group Detail (and vice versa).

The flexibility and power offered by these different views, and the way they are linked together gives, you the freedom to use Swiftlight in multiple ways, tailoring your use to your working style or the needs of a particular project. Information in the following sections will help you become familiar with the user interface and the content of each view.


Where to Go Next

For more information on the user interview and all the other views why not check out the following help topics to help you to get started using Swiftlight for your projects and initiatives:

If you can’t see what you are looking for here, please see the Help Menu topics for more ways to get help with Swiftlight.