Review and reporting

Review and Reporting


While all of the views in Swiftlight can be used to review and report progress, there are three views / areas of functionality that are particularly worth highlighting.

The in-built status reporting functionality, which provides a standard template for regular reporting on overall progress and on the progress of specific Activity Groups and Milestones. These reports are automatically populated to make reporting an easy and painless experience that links all updated information back into the plan. Click here for more information about Status Reports.

The Timeline view in review mode, which shows the position of Activity Groups and Milestones relative to the project baseline. Click here for more information about Timeline (Review mode).

The Activity Group Summary, which can be formatted to highlight activity status and performance and thereby facilitate the communication and discussion of progress for each Activity Group. Click here for more information about the Activity Group Summary view.

Examples of each follow below:




Your exact review and reporting needs will determine which of the above views will be most helpful. The Activity Group Detail, Action List and Action List over Time views can also be very effective for reporting progress at the more detailed activity by activity level.

More ways to use Swiftlight in the Project Lifecycle: