Using Swiftlight in Project Management

Using Swiftlight in Project Management


Swiftlight is designed to bring ease and clarity to the planning, communication and implementation of projects and initiatives. It supports the fundamentals of project management through its unique and powerful structure and through a range of features which will help you drive a project from initiation right through to completion.

The structure enables a focus on objectives, deliverables and success metrics, both for the project (in the Objectives and Scope View and in page headers) and for key activities (in the Activity Group Detail, Activity Group Summary and Timeline Interlaced views), thereby encouraging the output focused mindset which is a key driver of success.

The combination of the Objectives and Scope View and the Timeline also allows you to capture information on the four classic project constraints:

  1. Scope – through your articulation of objectives, key questions, deliverables, what’s in/out of scope etc in the Objectives and Scope view;
  2. Quality – through your definition of success metrics in the Objectives and Scope view;
  3. Time – through the Timeline view;
  4. Resource – though summarising the budget in the Objectives and Scope view.

The structure and outputs also operate at two levels:

Big picture level:
Some views / outputs are designed to give you and others a high level perspective on the project (e.g. the Timeline, Objectives and Scope and Activity Group Summary views);

Detail level:
Other views / outputs are designed to help you and others focus on who has to do what by when – either simply the next action or the full detail of what needs to get done throughout the project – helping you drive the specific actions to move the project forward.


Swiftlight also supports and facilitates all stages of a project’s lifecycle, with views / outputs that are well suited to different stages of a project and to different occasions / audiences, as illustrated below:


Further, the professional quality of Swiftlight’s outputs, and their clarity, facilitate the communication which is so central to success, and help save you time since you have your plan and communication materials all in one place.

The strong underlying project management framework and the flexibility provided by the different tools / outputs, focuses you and your team on the right things and frees you to work in a way that suits your style of thinking and/or the specific needs of your current project.

The following sections will help you explore how to use Swiftlight to save time and drive for success in your projects:


Swiftlight in the Project Lifecycle