Export Reminders to Outlook

Export Reminders


Swiftlight can export reminders about meetings, milestones and about Activity Group start and end dates into your Outlook Calendar, so that you can have them in your main diary and be reminded about these upcoming events.

The following information is exported:

  • The title of the file;
  • What it is (e.g. a Key Meeting, Key Milestone, Activity Group start date or Activity Group end date);
  • The description text;
  • The date;
  • Who is responsible;
  • Who else is involved;
  • Comments


Each exported item appears in your Outlook Calendar on its date and either at 8am for a milestone or 9am for a meeting. In Outlook, each item is set to have a reminder pop-up 1 week before the actual date of the item so that you are fore-warned about the up-coming event.
(Note: you can change this reminder period from 1 week through the menus: Tools > Options > Mail and Calendar.)


Reminders can be exported to Outlook in two ways:

  • From the menu: File > Export Reminders – which brings up the dialogue below;
  • From the right click menu when you have selected a particular item


The Export to Calendar dialogue allows you to select which items you want to export. Use the tick boxes in the "Items to Export" section to select which types of item you want to export. The resulting list of items appears in the box on the right hand side of the dialogue. You can go through the list and de-select any item you don’t want to export.

The "Filters" section allows you to filter which items will appear in the list based on:

  • Activity Group: you can select all Activity Groups or just one of them;
  • Responsible: you can select all or one of the responsible contacts. This is particularly useful if you just want to export the items that you are responsible for.
  • Status: you can export all items (including ones that have been completed), or only those which are not yet completed

If you tick the box at the bottom of the dialogue, any item that you have deleted in your Swiftlight file will also be deleted in your Outlook.



If an item has already been exported, Swiftlight will find the previously exported version and update it, so you will not get duplication of items.

If you change items in your Outlook Calendar, these changes are not reflected in your Swiftlight file. To be clear, there is no synchronisation of items, instead items are pushed from Swiftlight into Outlook. So if you want to change something, it is better to change it in Swiftlight and then re-export it.